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FoodBuzz Challenge #7: Foodie Film Festival

ingredients for Sippity Sup's Scallop & Crab Cakes

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Welcome to week 7 in the #PFB2010 Competition. It’s the video challenge, and I’ve decided to present an entire Foodie Film Festival! The feature presentation is a new release, but if you like what you see– you may want to stick around and view some of my favorite videos from the past. Just click the links at the bottom of this post.

Even though I consider myself something of a foodie auteur, I’ve seen plenty of bloggers do it much better. Check out Average Betty or Food Wishes and you’ll see what good food videos for the web are all about. Still I have so much fun making them – though I admit they’re a lot of work. Which is the reason I just don’t make them as often as I’d like.

Which means I’ve been looking forward to this challenge more than any other. I knew it would force me out of my complacency and into the editing room. In fact my very first post ever on this blog was a cooking video. And from the very beginning I’ve always believed that if a blog is going to have a video, then that video needs to be fun and it needs to be accesible. Talking heads are fine for the Food Network, but this is the web and we have our own way of doing things.

My videos are fast-paced and stimulating. In other words, frenetic and loud! However, I also load them chock-full of useful food advice or actual recipes, without bogging them down with too much detail. After all, I figure you’re an intelligent person who knows a few things about cooking and the wider world. Otherwise why would you even be here? I mean, do I really need to show every single step in monotonous detail in order to inspire you in the kitchen? I don’t think so.