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You are Never Too Busy for Spring Lamb Soup with Dandelion

Spring Lamb Soup

I turn to soup when things start to get out of hand. In this case lamb soup with dandelion. It’s an unusual choice, I know. Not many people turn to soup in times of great stress.

Or do they?

You know how I know things are getting out of hand. Well this tasty lamb soup was supposed to have been navarin d’agneau, a French stew traditionally served at spring’s first blush.

I can’t say what’s going on where you live. But spring is blushing out all over here in Los Angeles. Some people wait for that crazy ground hog to announce the change of season, but I turn to another harbinger. The turnip. As soon as those tiny, perfect little turnips poke their fat butts out of their hole in the ground. I know that spring has sprung. Because followed closely behind adorable little turnips, come the tiniest of new carrots and the very best parsnips of the season. Not to mention thin skinned new potatoes and peas; fresh English peas. I don’t know about you, but I look at a list of ingredients like that and I think navarin d’agneau. I really do!

But how did I get from Spring Lamb Stew to stress induced lamb soup?