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Foodie Film Festival: Kimchi-Real Fast Food


I am closing my Foodie Film Festival with another classic from my archives. Kimchi. Voting (finally, finally, finally) begins in the Project Food Blog video round on Monday and my entire film festival was designed to keep you interested in food videos during the down time between last challenge and the voting on this challenge.…

An American Novice Takes On Kimchi


Sometimes I wanna make silly food videos. There is just no other way to share some jokes or visual references that I find funny. So, occasionally I build whole cooking videos from the seed of a silly idea. Sometimes a particular recipe is called for to make the joke work (like my Brussels sprouts video)…

The “Kimchi Deficit”


When I do these things I usually start with an idea for a video. Sometimes it’s just some joke or visual reference that I like and I build the whole cooking video from that. Sometimes a particular recipe is called for to make the concept work, so I do that recipe. Other times, most any…

Koreatown: A Cookbook


From the first moment I saw Koreatown: A Cookbook it spoke to me. Not because I’m Korean or speak Korean, but because I live in Los Angeles – home to one of the largest, most vibrant Koreatowns in the United States. Our Koreatown occupies a sprawling swath of amorphous turf between Hollywood and DTLA. It’s…