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Sweet on Corn- Grilled Chicken with Raw Corn & Grilled Bread Salad

grilled chicken with raw corn salad

It’s Day 2 in my week-long tribute to summer corn and I want to get to this recipe while corn is at its best. Because when corn is this fresh and seasonal it is so good you could it it raw. And sometimes I do.

In fact I have been known to gnaw on a raw ear of corn while still standing in the market. But that can be a bit inelegant. Especially when you are having that nice young couple down the street over for a poolside luncheon. I think in that instance I should be on my best behavior and actually remove the kernels from the cob and serve them on a plate. Because I may not mind having my dear old friends see me chomp away on an ear of raw corn, but the new kids on the block deserve a slower introduction to my wiley ways.

And I do mean kids. Have you noticed that adults are coming in younger and younger versions? Anyway they’re new I wouldn’t want them to get the wrong idea. It’s not that I am uncouth or easily unlikeable, but young people are so impresionable, you know. I think I’ll start them out with forks and napkins. Their parents would be proud of me.

That is why I am serving this corn raw, off the cob– and in a salad.  Raw corn, arugula and lemon balm from my garden served with a nicely grilled chicken breast, and chunks of toasty bread. Do you think the new neighbors will notice I took the kernels off the cobb? I hope they don’t think I can’t trust them knives. Although at what age is it appropriate to let children handle sharp objects… thirty… thirty-two?