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Alice Waters Taught Me All I Need To Know About Green Garlic Soup (with Sorrel)

green garlic soup with sorrel

I want to discuss green garlic again.

In one of the greatest cookbooks ever published, Chez Panisse Cooking, Alice Waters and Paul Bertolli write: “Garlic is commonly used as a mature plant when the bulb containing many cloves has formed. Green garlic is the same plant pulled from the ground at a much earlier stage, before the bulb forms and when the plant resembles a leek, with a stalk about 1/2 inch in diameter.”

That quote was probably my first introduction to green garlic. Though it may have been years later that I actually got my hands on any. Because even in Los Angeles, where we have year round access to the greatest produce in the world green garlic is only just now becoming fairly common at the springtime Farmers Market. To make this point I”ll quote Alice Waters once again: “Until recently, green garlic never appeared in the market and was largely unrecognized by cooks. The quality of green garlic is unique and of great use in the kitchen”.

So you see green garlic is not exactly a new ingredient to me, but it’s not exactly a staple in my life either. It took me a while but reading her words has made me a little bit obsessed with green garlic at the moment. So I am bringing it back for another look. This time in a soup. I have much to learn and Alice Waters may be the perfect teacher.

Market Matters- Green Garlic, Leek & Goat Cheese Souffle

green garlic in springtime

It’s Sunday, time for another Market Matters from the Hollywood Farmers Market. Today I set my sights on green garlic, which is the immature bulb and stalk of the garlic you know and love. It only makes an appearance for a brief time in spring. I was determined to get my hands on some today. The market did not disappoint either. I came home with a couple of big bunches. How lucky is that?

Speaking of lucky, I don’t know what’s happening to me. I think I am on a roll!

Because the food I have been presenting lately has really inspired me. I think I have upped my game here at SippitySup. I am a pretty good cook. But I am what I consider a casual cook. But some of this fare lately; it seems downright fancy! What’s gotten into me? I might get used to sacheying around the blogosphere like a real cook. Something’s got to give though… there’s a flop in my future. I can feel it.

But not today. I made souffle, or rather souffles– 8 perfect little individual-sized Green Garlic, Leek & Goat Cheese Soufflés. Not only were they not a flop, they weren’t flat either. They rose right out of those little ramekins and held their volume long enough for me to snap a photo of them right at their peak. If you’ll pardon the pun. So I hope you will click over or scroll down and take a look-see at how pretty they are.

And as if that weren’t lucky enough. I was even able to get them to the table for lunch with friends; proudly towering and piping hot. I served them with a simple green salad, really good bread and a nice bottle of Sancere.

Yeah, it’s a pretty good life!