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Fried Calamari with a Chipotle Kick

Fried calamari with chipotle sauce

I know you like fried calamari. I flat out know you do. You can pretend like you don’t all you want, but I know deep inside you like it. You can even put that pained and squeamish look on your face and then try to tell me that squid is just not your “cup of tea” (so to speak). But I know you’d just be saying that just to get me all riled up.

That’s because you like fried calamari. I flat out know you do.

Armed with that knowledge I feel it’s quite alright to play against your expectations with this dish. Maybe even break a few rules. Maybe even include a spicy chipotle citrus dipping sauce with your calamari when you aren’t looking. Scandalous!

I know what you’re thinking. It’s just not done… and it’s true I’d be the first one to join the argument that says fried calamari is best hot, salty and simply adorned with lots of lemon. It’s a winning argument. There is a whole lot of truth in it. But you hear that squelch? That’s me bending the truth once again!

Because I am here to say that (sometimes), it’s quite alright to go against even the plainest of truths. That’s just what I have in mind. So get ready to have your culinary foundation rocked. Because truths, they are ‘a tumblin’ down.