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Curry Favor with these Farmed Mussels

curried steamed mussels

Ready for another easy recipe? It’s an inspired take on mussels. It uses sour cream to deftly tame the boldness of curry without losing any complexity. It’s a masterpiece from Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

I am calling my simplified version, Curried Mussels a la Jean-Georges. Though simple to prepare, it’s an elegant combination of flavors. The preparation is easy, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to befuddle you some.

You see, Ken came home recently with a big bag of mussels from the plain ole grocery store. At $5.99 a pound I knew they were going to be farmed mussels without even asking. But did I go all diva on him and slam around the kitchen demanding he don a wet suit and get me some wild mussels?? Did I? Did I?

Nope, I like farmed mussels. Are you confused?

I am sure you’ve noticed that I’m quite willing to hold my breath until I turn blue in an effort to gently urge you away from farmed salmon. So you may have it in your head that all aqua-culture is bad. Well that’s just not true. I like farmed tilapia too.