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Sup! Loves Cookbooks: Off The Eaten Path

Off The Eaten Path

I am a sucker for regionalism. It’s nearly dead in this country, so it’s often hard to distinguish one city from the next. Chain stores. Chain restaurants. Same stuff. Same food.

I am old enough to remember when there was more diversity of choice when it came to dining out; certain restaurants in certain towns where you could get the best this or the best that. In fact sometimes these were the only places to get those particular or regional this & thats!

It used to be if you really wanted to understand a place and the people who lived there; you sat down and ate with them– maybe not at the same table, but at least sharing the same food. Food that was completely unique to that place and those people. Because food like that gets passed down through generations. It comes from a time when people tended to stay put. This is how regional cuisine developed, through heritage, tradition and pride.

It’s a different world today for all sorts of complicated reasons. It’s much harder to define a place through its food traditions, because so many of those traditions have become homogenized.