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Can I Make Butternut Squash Tart with Anchovies? Just Try and Stop Me!

Butternut Squash Tart

Butternut Squash Tart with Romaine Lettuce and Anchovy Vinaigrette. Hmmm, you say?

That’s some unholy mashup of taste and texture. Maybe you should boil some water. Maybe I am pregnant. Because squash and anchovy cravings may seem a bit odd to quite a few folks.

But what can I say? I had an itch to make a butternut squash tart, and a craving for anchovies. So I made a recipe up that satisfied both the itch and the craving. It’s loosely based on a custard-style pumpkin pie. Only my version is fully savory. I knew it would be good before I even started making it. Still I figured it needed a little yin for its yang.

Butternut squash, especially when roasted as it is in this recipe, gets a certain sort of savory sweetness that really satisfies. So I figured the yin of those complex caramelized sugars would balance nicely with the yang of something salty. I also knew it needed something fresh and crisp. A salad would be perfect. But it neeeded to be a simple salad, really more of a crunchy garnish– so that the creamy texture of the squash tart could still rule the plate.

I decided on chiffonades of crunchy baby romaine leaves. Well once romaine was decided, it wasn’t too far a reach to start considering anchovies. The Caesar salad has assured that these 2 ingredients will always be considered partners.