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Market Matters: A Salmon Burger Swan Song

sockeye salmon filletThere were a lot of burgers on my plate this week. This is day 6…

We did a fairly classic Backyard B-B-Que with a bit of flair: a Horseradish Buffalo Burger. It seemed a good (fairly familiar) place to start my week long tribute to burgers.

That was followed up with a veggie option in the form of a meaty Portobello Mushroom Burger and all the fixin’s.

We took a world tour with Mini Lamb Burgers with Mango Salsa, and a Vietnamese influenced Lettuce-Wrapped Pork Burger.

My brother Sip! Got in on the action by sending me his recipe for a “Wine & Cheese” Burger that he paired with a great Australian red wine.

So today I want to mix it up yet again, with a Salmon Burger with Capers & Fried Lemon Slices.

Tres Elegante! Mini Lamb Burgers with Global Flair

lamb burgers with mago salsaAre burgers really worth a whole week of SippitySup’s time?

I mean, I know you love a good burger. They really are an iconic food. Which was my thesis when I announced a week devoted to burgers. If you missed my nostalgic tribute to the American style hamburger click here.

In the original post I made the argument that the sight of a burger sizzling on the grill was so very emblematic of the good old USA.

But in truth a classic American burger is nothing more than a seasoned meat patty. And seasoned meat patties appear in some form or another in the diet of nearly all the world’s cultures.

Even the idea of cooking the meat outdoors is a “borrowed” method. There is some evidence that what has morphed into the “Back Yard Bar-B-Que” got its start a very long tome ago in Mongolia.

And on an international level, the choice of meat may vary. So might the seasonings. But the simple process of grinding, mixing, compressing and searing the juicy flavor into certain meats, herbs and spices has become universally beloved.

Hello Summer! America Loves Burgers

buffalo bison burger Why does America love burgers?

Why are burgers considered so very American?

What does our love of the burger say about us?

I could easily adopt the burger attitude of the moment and rail against the burger. I could make all the heart attack on a bun jokes that are so trendy right now. But I am not gonna…

Because I love a good burger.

Lest you think that I am some sort of fallen foodie. Let me remind you that Julia Child had an In-N-Out Burger delivered to her hospital room after recovering from surgery and Thomas Keller is flipping burgers in Napa County at Ad Hoc now.

So you see burgers are an American Institution whose power lies in it’s iconoclasm and it’s decidedly simple virtues. In other words, a burger is iconic simplicity. Which is the same as “mom and apple pie” in my book.

So I do understand that burgers have a well-deserved place in American folklore. And I can believe that the humble hamburger really does say something about being an American.